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How powerful are private rockets in China? You have to understand these two concepts first.

Today(May 31)afternoon,Beijing Star Glory Space Technology Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as"Star Glory")conducted a 15-ton liquid oxygen methane rocket engine gas generator ignition test in the Ximen plume test area of Shahe Campus of Beihang. This is a proper noun that ordinary people can't read in one breath

Interplanetary Glory Orbiting Rocket Delayed Launch, Chinese Private Rocket Braked

It remains a mystery when China's privately-run Rockets will be able to successfully put into orbit,and its third launch has been delayed than expected.In January this year,Beijing Star Glory Space Technology Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Star Glory)announced that it would launch the hyperbolic Y1 launch vehicle into orbit at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the first half of 2019

China's Private Rocket "Ignition"

After the successful launch from Space X,people's acceptance of the concept of private rocket has gradually increased.The aerospace industry,once only a national team,is trying to become a commercial project.In addition to the United States,China has also begun to explore related fields.Several mainstream start-ups have begun to use space as their next destination.What they need to do is not just the Chinese version of Space X

Korean media said that the United States prevented the development of Korean folk solid rockets but released them to Japan

According to the Korean"Chosun Ilbo"on the 24th,the United States is still trying to prevent the development of Korean civilian solid rockets in the missile framework negotiations,not only opposing the conversion of civilian rocket technology to military,but also opposing the transfer of military technology to civilian
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